Hydraulic Efficiency, Power, and Durability

At 3500 PSI and 18,000 watts of primary heat, the H3500 Proportioner is large enough to tackle

ANY project

of ANY size

at ANY speed

True High Pressure, True High Volume


  • 3 STAGE HEATERS : Most competitor’s machines use single tube heaters, these produce large variances in temperature and most importantly hot spots. These hot spots will char, build up crystallized residue and ultimately cause the heater to fail or clog your heated hose. Our Reformer H3500 offers Hybrid heating technology for the most efficient heating, requiring less power. The patented 3 stage heaters offer three individual heating elements to keep the chemicals at a consistent temperature, while housed in a single block of aluminum that increases surface area and distributes heat evenly.
  • 3 FILTERS : The H3500 offers three separate filters to ensure your gun will continue spraying, your hoses will not clog and your machine will not fail.
  • HORIZONTAL PUMPS : Most other machines use Vertical pumps. These produce uneven pressure causing pump seals to fail. Ultimately, this will cause your material yield to drop, down time to replace and frequently cause your gun to clog. The H3500 has horizontal pumps with self aligning shafts for balanced pressure on both the material and the equipment. This reduces wear on the pump seals, prevents rebuilds, and provides consistent material yields.
  • SINGLE BUTTON HEATING : The H3500 offers ONE button to turn off all heating elements.
  • STROKE COUNTER : This feature allows you to know exactly how much material is left in the drum and to prevent running out. This option is a must have!

This package includes: H3500 Proportioner, 50′ Heated High Pressure Hose (2) JHPK Divorced series transfer pumps. (1) PKIII gun : Lightest Gun on Market! All necessary Hoses, Air lines, and fittings.


Technical Specifications:
Max output 40 lb/min (18.1 kg/min)
Max fluid working pressure 3500 psi (241 bar, 24.1 MPa)
Heater wattage 18,000 watts
Max heated hose length 310 ft (91.4 m) plus whip
Power requirements 30kw 3 phase 208v
Weight 772 lb (350 kg)
Dimensions 55.1 H x 43.3 W x 27.6 D in (140 H x 110 W x 70 D cm)

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